St. Joseph Altar (Italian)

A St. Joseph Altar is an offering of love, labor and sacrifice in honor of the patron saint of the Sicilians and the Universal Church. According to legend about the origin of the St. Joseph Altar, Sicily was plagued by drought and famine many centuries ago. In desperation the people turned to St. Joseph, asking his help and intercession. When the rains came and the crops prospered, the prayers of the people of Sicily were answered. In thanksgiving, the people made offerings to St. Joseph of their most prized possession — foods made from the bountiful harvest. In his honor they erected a lovely altar with three levels, representing the Holy Trinity. They draped it simply and beautifully in white, adorned it with flowers and then selected their finest grain, fruits, vegetables, seafood and wine. The poor were invited to share in the prayers and festivities.
This Italian tradition is celebrated at St. Joseph Bastrop since 2002. Usually we celebrate it on the Sunday closest to March 19th, the feast of St. Joseph. We invite people from other churches and communities to this celebration.

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