Blue Mass

The Blue Mass is a Mass celebrated annually in the Catholic Church for those employed in the "public safety field" (i.e. police officers, firefighters, correctional officers, 911 operators and EMS Personnel). The color blue relates to the blue-colored uniforms predominantly used by these services. The history of the Blue Mass dates back to 1934, where a Catholic priest from the Archdiocese of Baltimore, Maryland, organized the Catholic Police and Fireman's Society while stationed at St. Patrick's Church in Washington, DC. More than 1,000 police officers and firefighters appeared at the church dressed in their blue uniforms for the first Blue Mass, which was celebrated on Sept. 29, 1934. Through the Blue Mass, first-responders ritually receive our gratitude, support, honor, recognition, prayers and blessings from the Catholic community of the church. We also remember the sacrifices that many of these personnel have made on our behalf, sometimes sacrificing their lives in service to us. Perhaps most importantly, we ask God's care and blessing upon them and their families.

At St. Josephs Blue Mass was started in 2002, as an outreach to support the public safety community and the local communities. The Blue Mass is held every year around the feast of the Guardian Angels, October 2nd, all law enforcement officers, emergency medical technicians, firefighters and their families from Bastrop and neighboring parishes and cities, are invited to attend.  The Mass not only provides these men and women a special blessings but also demonstrates the support that we as a church community have for these professionals who place their lives in jeopardy for others.  A luncheon is held after the Mass for fellowship with all who attend.

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