St Joseph's Catholic Church of Bastrop Main

Our Mission

Our mission at St. Joseph is to use our faith in God and our love for one another to encourage and revitalize our parishioners so that we can be united with Christ and proclaim the word of God through worship, word, community and service.

Pastor's Message

My Dear Friends,

Our Welcoming Community (2014) Mission inspired us to be open to all the diversities and to be a real Catholic. Our Belongingness (2015) mission from the last year helped us to feel and act as one family of Jesus. Our 2016 mission of Communication and Communion would help us in better sharing and participation in our family of Jesus.

The entire salvation history is the communication and sharing of His love and mercy toward us. Through the Holy Eucharist, the Church and the scripture, He still communicates His love and mercy in our daily lives. Communication is more than the expression of ideas and emotions. At its most profound level, it is the giving of self in love. Communication plays an essential role in personal fulfillment and self-knowledge. This same communication and communion is the basic underpinning of the Holy Trinity (John 17:23).  The first Christian community was united in their heart and soul; and they were in communion of the same spirit (Rom. 12:10; Gal. 6:2; Col. 3:14).

As we observe the Year of Mercy, let us try to use the medium of mercy in our outlook, words and actions for a better communion to the church, family, and the people around us. Throughout the year, let us make all our effort to communicate better to Jesus and others to build our communion with Jesus and His church as a family.

 With lots of gratitude and love,

  Fr. Lijo Thomas CMI, Ed.D


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